Load testing with VS 2012 Ultimate

Some of my posts are not that informative cause I try to blog about things that interest me so I can go back in time and find some details on things I care about instead of just googling. So here is one: short intro on load testing with VS

3 thoughts on “Load testing with VS 2012 Ultimate

  1. Hi

    Interesting video. Would it be possible to let a coded UI script drive the web test recording? I have a coded UI test solution with a lot of scripted actions that I use to create behaviours out of. It would be nice if I could script a desired load test, start the web test recorder and let my coded UI script drive it instead of having to manually click-click-click in the UI.

    • Sure, I see was thinking the same thing. I really don’t know  maybe some reader will have a better view of this. Since this is an early stage for this feature, I guess, a workaround will exist in the future. But the filling of “uhhh,.. just a little bit more squeezing from that feature could be great” sure pinches

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